Best Songs To Listen When You’re In Love


The beautiful moments of your love should surely be cherished. Unlike, other happy occasions, these lovely moments cannot be realized even with the all the riches of the world. However a romantic song in the background with your loved one on your mind is all that is needed to make a chill run through your spine. Nothing in the world other than this can pamper your delicate feelings about your beloved one.

Here are a few such songs which take you to another world of love completely occupied by you and your sweetheart and nothing else. Listen to these songs if you are in love and make those moments even more memorable.

1. The sight of the face of your lover makes you forget everything in the world including yourself. If you have ever come across such a feeling, make it complete with the “The Luckiest” by Ben Folds. Though the song has a different set up, it rightly suits to the occasion.

2. Love is a sweet bond based on the trust between two hearts. Love is full of wonderful and lovely promises. The song, “Always” by Bon Jovi puts the relationship and commitment between two lovers into words.

3. A gentle touch of the beloved one gives you an assurance that there is someone in this world that will be truly yours despite your ups and downs. It is such a lovely feeling that one can hardly hide.” I Want to Hold Your Hand” by The Beatles is exactly song which is to be heard when this feeling overwhelms your heart.

4. The world may be highly depressing, but the thought of your loving person boosts you up with energy. Make that feeling more vibrant with Frank Sinatra’s song “Someday, When I’m Awfully Low”.

5. Every pair has a cute desire to run away from this world and have a new dream world completely for them. Taylor Swift’s “Love Story” captures this beautiful feeling. The lyrics of this song are beautifully written as the girl says the guy that he is everything to her and her life is so lonely without him. Needless to say, this is what in fact everyone in love feels.

6. The song of all-time favorite The Titanic: “My Heart Will Go On” is what exactly everyone in love feels. This is again a song with wonderful lyrics and beautiful tune which is very romantic and brings your loved one to your mind as soon as you listen to it.

7. Justin Beiber’s “Baby” is another love song sung by all teenagers who are in love. This is an energetic song and all through the song the boy tells how important the girl is to him and how badly he needs her.

8. Taylor Swift’s “You Belong With Me” is an appropriate love song if you are in love with someone who is already in love with somebody else. This song helps ease out your heart and tells you that not all is lost.


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