Trade Show Entertainment


Trade shows offer a different but very interesting venue for various entertainment artists. Because people move around and performances are very seldom arranged at specific times, a performer’s main job is usually to attract and keep customers by the stand.

However, a skillful performer can attract a big group at the same time and develop a good overall feeling about the company he’s working for. I often found that some people don’t come immediately to visit the stand after the performance, but interest is awakened and they come later the same day.

As a magician I have worked on many trade show events and found different ways to promote the client and their products. Magic is good because people are generally very interested in it and I have found that the company message is easy to deliver disguised in a magic trick. The magic performed can use the company name or product, thus linking the sales message with magic itself.

Different attraction methods has been used by companies; musicians, jugglers, loud sound effects and even theater but nothing works better than a seasoned performer who can gather big crowds in minutes. As in street magic, we need sound, color and movement to attract attention, it is a good idea to work on a slightly elevated stand from time to time, but once some onlookers are attracted, the interest is developed and more will come.

Once the customers are around the stand, the sales staff has a better chance to move in on them. This is why magic is good, because it can hold peoples interest for many minutes and those few minutes might be the difference between a sales person making a contact or not.

I have had special cards printed with the company’s logo and message printed on the other side. When doing a card trick I make a visual card change in their hands and give the changed card as a souvenir to keep. This is very strong, because first of all the customer has an object to keep that changed in his hands impossibly and he will show it to others and tell them the story. The others will hear where this happened; the company name and the magicians name get free promotion. If he tells this story to his mates at the trade show café, one simple card trick can attract many more free customers per day to the stand. This is the power of good magic!

A magician at a trade show stand can create a much more memorable image of the company than a standard, often boring stand could ever do. Many trade shows stands are uninspiring, except to those particularly interested in the product. People walk around and see the same type of stands over and over again, and we need something to really awaken their interest, get them to stop, wake up from their day dreaming state and visit this interesting stand. Using a magician as an attraction creates a different image and can easily make this company stand out from the others offering the same product or services. It also makes you memorable, and sometimes at trade shows this is all you seek.


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